Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does Hyde Park School need a new play yard?
    The play set has been repaired several times over the last five years. There is very little shade and a large amount of hot, cracked asphalt. At first, only the play set was going to be replaced in the interest of safety. After polling the students, staff, and parents, it was clear there was an opportunity to create a space that would be a long-term asset to the school as well as the greater community.
  2. Who will fund this project?
    Hyde Park School was not part of Cincinnati Public School’s Facilities Master Plan when it reopened in 2012. CPS will donate the funds needed to provide a surface under the play set, but support from other individuals and businesses will be needed to bring the full plan to fruition.
  3. When will it be constructed?
    Construction will begin in June 2018 after the 2017-18 school year ends.
  4. Why is it so expensive?
    Execution of the plan entails asphalt removal, grading, hardscaping, landscaping, and the purchase of play set equipment. All of these individual elements add up to a large amount.
  5. Why are we not investing in a new gym?
    As stated above, Hyde Park School was not part of Cincinnati Public School’s Facilities Master Plan when it reopened in 2012. That said, budget has not been allocated toward a major building expansion or new gym for Hyde Park School. Our Community Play Yard Committee has worked hard to provide a plan which would allow Mr. Schwab to teach multiple different Physical Education units on the proposed multi-sport field to bridge the gap between now and when CPS DOES approve a new budget with HPS included in gym and building improvements.
  6. What is the HPS Foundation and how did they get involved?
    When CPS’ Facilities Master Plan did not include the Hyde Park School, a group of parents and community members felt it necessary to create a Foundation to financially support future infrastructure and capital improvements not budgeted through CPS. Today, the Foundation is comprised of 4 HPS parents and 6 community and business leaders. After presenting the HPSCPY plan to the Foundation, it was decided they would manage the financials of the project so as to not co-mingle project funds with PTO’s active budget.