Final Features Installed!

We are so proud to announce that all features of the Hyde Park School Community Play Yard have now been installed and the project is essentially complete! This includes garbage cans, benches on the wooden fence, flag pole, and completed multi-purpose sports court. Once again a huge thanks goes out to all of our school families, community donors, and foundations that have made this project possible.

On November 3rd, all families and community supporters are invited to the HPS Pumpkin Chuck in celebration of our new community space! Come mingle with your friends and neighbors and enjoy several family-friendly activities including the second annual Pumpkin Chuck! This event, open to everyone, will serve as our thank you to all of our contributors and supporters.

Sports Court Update

It is such a joy to see all the kids enjoying the AMAZING new playground and play yard. The time is approaching for the sport court to be finalized! We have had some slight delays with our equipment, but we now have enough on hand to assemble what we have.

Starting next week the court will be painted and striped and we kindly ask that everyone remain off of the surfacing as it cures. Once the paint has dried the multi-sport goals will be installed. Please note that some of the pieces may be damaged or missing from issues with our shipment, but we promise this will all be resolved as quickly as possible.

Please review the following rules and remind your kids so we can all enjoy the space for many years to come!

  • Use of the playground is welcome when school is not in session. School Hours: M-F 7:45 A.M. – 2:15 P.M.
  • Play area closes at dusk.
  • This equipment is designed to serve children between the ages of 5-12 years old. Use playground at own risk.
  • No bike riding, rollerblading, skateboarding, or scooters.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Stay out of mulched planting beds.
  • Please use trash cans and help us keep the playground clean.
  • Area under 24 hour video surveillance.

Public Opening

We are pleased to announce that the Hyde Park School Community Play Yard, a working partnership between the HPS Foundation, HPS PTO, and Cincinnati Public Schools, is nearing completion! Once again, words cannot express our gratitude for the volunteers and nearly 300 family, community donors and foundations that have made this project possible.

The HPS Community Play Yard will be open to the public beginning Saturday, August 11. While there are still a few items on our punch list, the main features of the play yard will be at the point where they can be safely enjoyed by the students and community. As this is a soft opening, we are asking users to please be mindful of the following:

  • Keep off the newly sodded areas, mulched planting beds, and new trees. We are trying to give the grass and plantings as much time as possible to get established before full use. Be mindful that the sprinklers and drip lines in these areas will be going off several times a day.
  • The sport court will be painted in a month’s time, at which point it will need time to cure and the basketball/soccer goals will be installed. In the meantime, enjoy the wide open smooth space!
  • Keep dogs off the mulched planting areas, sod and artificial turf safety surface.

Finally, please treat and respect the play yard as if it was your own. We appreciate your help as we work towards getting the community play yard fully functioning and to maintain its appearance. If you see something broken or out of place, please let us know.

Week 10 Update

With the landscaping team finishing up their work, focus has now shifted to the last features of the new play yard. The new multipurpose sport court was paved with new asphalt. This will have to cure for some time before the blue epoxy coloring can be added to the top and lines for various sports can be painted. The wooden fence enclosure to surround the existing electrical transformer was complete, and seating benches will be added to it. Overall things are looking great for the start of school in just under two weeks!

Week 9 Update

This was a transformative week at the play yard. The artificial turf is all rolled out, the seams are being stitched, and it should be complete by the end of the week. The landscaping is complete aside from a few remaining trees that will be planted in the southeastern corner. The sod is almost complete between the walkways connecting Observatory Avenue to the side doors of the building. Additional sod will be placed in the southeastern corner next week, and work on the sport court will also start at the beginning of next week. We know that things are starting to look complete, but there is still a lot of work to do. This is an active construction site and we would appreciate it if everyone remains outside of the safety fencing.

Week 8 Update

The play structure is fully installed and the safety surfacing is nearly complete. Once all of the spongy surface is poured, artificial turf will be installed to cover the entire southwest corner of the play yard. Landscaping areas now have mulch added and more plants are being installed with each passing day. The first of our new trees were also planted this week. The irrigation system is connected to the building water supply and it will soon be delivering water to all landscaping and new grass areas. Sod for the grass lawns will start being installed next week. As all of the areas on the south side of the building near completion, focus will also shift to the new sport court over the next couple of weeks.

Week 7 Update

The play structure was delivered this week and it is nearly fully installed! With this in place the full play yard is really starting to come together. The seating wall around the play structure is complete with stone veneer to match the outdoor classroom. A majority of the landscaping beds are now planted and irrigation drip lines have been run to each of the plants. Over the next week we expect to see additional landscaping elements planted, more irrigation work, and safety surfacing to start going down under the play structure.

Week 6 Update

With concrete work wrapping up, the landscaping team has started doing their work over the last couple of days. The concrete steps that were poured last week have been finished with the same stamped surface to match the other entrances to the school. The outdoor classroom stone veneer is complete and it looks amazing! The seating wall near the future play structure is fully formed and finishing work is taking place on it to match the outdoor classroom seating surfaces. Landscaping and irrigation will now be the focus for at least the next week.

Week 5 Update

Concrete work is nearing completion! Today new back steps are being poured as well as the long seating wall near the future play structure. Once the back steps are complete and the forms can be removed, a new walkway will be poured to connect to the walkway on the south side of the building that was poured earlier. Excavating and grading work continues in preparation for landscaping and irrigation work to start next week.

Week 4 Update

The concrete work continues to make significant progress. Walkways extend all the way from the main entrance around to the southwest corner of the school. The outdoor classroom is really coming together now that the concrete work is finished in that area and the stone veneer has started to take shape. The seating wall near the future play structure is ready for the footer to be poured and will be rising from the ground over the next week. Topsoil is being added to some of the landscaping areas and landscaping teams will start their work over the next week or two.