Week 8 Update

The play structure is fully installed and the safety surfacing is nearly complete. Once all of the spongy surface is poured, artificial turf will be installed to cover the entire southwest corner of the play yard. Landscaping areas now have mulch added and more plants are being installed with each passing day. The first of our new trees were also planted this week. The irrigation system is connected to the building water supply and it will soon be delivering water to all landscaping and new grass areas. Sod for the grass lawns will start being installed next week. As all of the areas on the south side of the building near completion, focus will also shift to the new sport court over the next couple of weeks.

Week 7 Update

The play structure was delivered this week and it is nearly fully installed! With this in place the full play yard is really starting to come together. The seating wall around the play structure is complete with stone veneer to match the outdoor classroom. A majority of the landscaping beds are now planted and irrigation drip lines have been run to each of the plants. Over the next week we expect to see additional landscaping elements planted, more irrigation work, and safety surfacing to start going down under the play structure.

Week 6 Update

With concrete work wrapping up, the landscaping team has started doing their work over the last couple of days. The concrete steps that were poured last week have been finished with the same stamped surface to match the other entrances to the school. The outdoor classroom stone veneer is complete and it looks amazing! The seating wall near the future play structure is fully formed and finishing work is taking place on it to match the outdoor classroom seating surfaces. Landscaping and irrigation will now be the focus for at least the next week.

Week 5 Update

Concrete work is nearing completion! Today new back steps are being poured as well as the long seating wall near the future play structure. Once the back steps are complete and the forms can be removed, a new walkway will be poured to connect to the walkway on the south side of the building that was poured earlier. Excavating and grading work continues in preparation for landscaping and irrigation work to start next week.

Week 4 Update

The concrete work continues to make significant progress. Walkways extend all the way from the main entrance around to the southwest corner of the school. The outdoor classroom is really coming together now that the concrete work is finished in that area and the stone veneer has started to take shape. The seating wall near the future play structure is ready for the footer to be poured and will be rising from the ground over the next week. Topsoil is being added to some of the landscaping areas and landscaping teams will start their work over the next week or two.

Week 3 Update

Concrete work continues to be the focus of the last week. The outdoor classroom seating wall and caps have been poured and the stamped circle pad in front of the wall was poured today. The walls will be covered in a stone veneer in the coming weeks. Concrete walkways have been expanded to beyond the eastern Observatory door and another large pour is scheduled for tomorrow to expand the walkway past the western door on that side of the building. Once the demolition and reconstruction of the steps on the backside of the building is complete the walkway will connect there and to the future sport court. Walkways from the Observatory sidewalk will also be poured over the next week or two. Once that is finished we will start to see topsoil added to the landscape and grass lawn areas in preparation for planting.

Week 2 Update

The concrete work is quickly taking shape! The outdoor classroom seating wall has been formed, new stamped concrete entrance pads are in place, concrete landscaping curbs have been poured, and the first of many new concrete walkways has been poured. The construction team will continue with their concrete work over the next week focusing on the entire outdoor classroom area as well as the walks leading up to it.

Week 1 Update

We are incredibly excited to report that construction has begun! Actually it would be more appropriate to say that demolition has begun as that has been the primary focus of this first week. After a few days of work the asphalt surfacing has been removed, the aging playset has been disassembled, and demolition is nearing completion. Moving forward the construction team will be making preparations for the new concrete work. We will post another update next week and will continue to do so through the summer.

You Did It!

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Hyde Park School families and surrounding community, we are excited to announce that the HPS Community Play Yard will become a reality this summer. Your community play yard will include an expansive grassy lawn for play, additional trees and landscaping, a newer and safer play set, an expanded artificial safety surface with climbing mounds, and a multi-sport court.

We are hoping to partner with Kids Around the World to refurbish and reuse the current playset for needy communities and the gaga pit will be donated to another CPS school.

Construction will begin on May 25 and the area will be closed to the public for the remainder of the summer as we work to have this project completed by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Be sure to check our website periodically as we will be posting picture updates as the project progresses.

Again, we are so thankful for the donations and countless volunteer hours over the past two years that have made this amazing community project a reality. We are dedicated to making Hyde Park School a cornerstone of this community and are excited to make this community play yard a reality.

Announcing Matching Grant

Through the generosity of the HPS families, our community, and family foundations we have already secured over $240,000 in just two short months. Our goal is to secure the remaining funds by the end of December 2017 and complete construction over the summer of 2018. This is a particularly exciting period for us as we just received a $50,000 2 for 1 matching grant. Right now, for every dollar you donate the Hyde Park School Community Play Yard will receive $3!